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How to Master Simplicity in Design, Business and Life

Ken Segall, the former creative director of advertising at Apple, Inc., says that “there is no such thing as simplicity; there is only the perception of simplicity.” In this video, he discusses how simplicity is more than a simple product or design — particularly at a company like Apple, where he worked with Steve Jobs for 14 years. It is a concept that is embodied throughout an organization — all the way down to its core belief system.

To Segall, simplicity is also something that should be integrated into personal life as well — although achieving this feat is something that is frequently easier said than done. However, the struggle to achieve it is worth every moment:

“There’s something very satisfying about having this kind of space in your life, and the order, and the lack of clutter, and the firm direction. But, life is complicated, and it’s because life is complicated that simplicity stands out so we got to take the good with the bad. We live in this complicated world, but that actually gives us an opportunity to be more noticed by being simple. So, whether it’s business or personal, simplicity has that kind of power.”

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