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A TOPGUN’s Take On Developing Talent

An elite TOPGUN instructor explains how to develop high-performing teams

The Big Think+ Book Club is excited to welcome former TOPGUN graduate and instructor, Commander Guy Snodgrass, for a conversation on how to develop high-performing teams. Guy is the author of TOPGUN’s TOP 10: Lessons in Leadership from the Cockpit and will share his experience from his 20-year career in uniform as both an aviator and an instructor at TOPGUN, training the top one percent of the United States’ fighter pilots. In the year after retiring from the US Navy, Guy started his own company, wrote his first book, became a national security commentator on television, joined the boards of directors for several nonprofit companies and started a podcast.

This event will focus on how to develop talent at your organization. We’ll focus on:

  • Key attributes necessary for success, and how to develop these among your team
  • The importance of developing leadership skills throughout your career
  • How to coach, lead and thrive in times of change and how to equip your teams to do the same 

Author bio

Commander Guy Snodgrass is a retired American naval aviator, TOPGUN graduate and instructor, and a recognized national security and foreign policy expert. He is currently the CEO of Defense Analytics, a strategic advisory firm specializing in strategy development, government policy, and technology adoption. A career Navy F/A-18 fighter pilot, Commander Snodgrass led combat missions in support of forces on the ground in the Middle East. Subsequently selected as a TOPGUN Instructor, he served as the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps expert in air-to-air combat and tactics development.

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