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Barbara Corcoran, Daniel Pink, Aaron Ross, and more

Sales courses with Barbara Corcoran
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Selling with Insight / An approach for the digital age

Constant demands on consumers’ time and attention make selling in the digital age complex. This sales course serves as a guide for selling with insight — an understanding of the critical information prospects desire to learn.

Barbara Corcoran
Barbara Corcoran
Amy Cuddy
Amy Cuddy
Sales courses with Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
Covered topics
Classes included
  1. Selling with Insight: A Strategic Approach
  2. Collaborate to Overcome Sales Challenges
  3. Practice the Art of Persuasion
  4. Negotiate with Tactical Empathy
  5. Communicate with Confidence
Learning objectives
  • Learn the principles of insight selling.
  • Practice the process of dealstorming to overcome sales challenges and deepen your insight.
  • Sharpen the clarity and actionability of your insight.
  • Tap into emotions to create connection, anticipate moves, and signal limits.
  • Maximize relationship-building capabilities using communication skills.

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution / Strategies for navigating high-stakes conversations

When viewed through the right lens, negotiations can offer opportunities for collaboration and personal growth. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution helps learners reframe win/lose scenarios into situations with a variety of winning outcomes — for both sides.

Sales courses with Jane Hyun
Jane Hyun
Sales courses with Julia Galef
Julia Galef
Sales courses with Chris Voss
Chris Voss
Covered topics
Self Awareness
Conflict Resolution
Classes included
  1. Self/Other Awareness
  2. Tactical Empathy
  3. Principles of Game Theory
  4. The Art of Argument
  5. Tactical Moves
Learning objectives
  • Strengthen your understanding of self and others as a foundation for negotiation.
  • Tap into emotions to create connection, anticipate moves, and signal limits.
  • Apply principles of game theory to predict behavior and take the long view.
  • Construct arguments that are emotionally aware and logically sound from the perspective of your opponent.
  • Build a toolkit of tactical moves to support key negotiation strategies.

Sales Management / An approach for the digital age

The complexities of selling in a digital age are compounded by the demands of leading a sales team to success. This course is designed to help leaders coach their team in the art of selling with insight.

Dan Pink
Dan Pink
Tim Sanders
Tim Sanders
Michelle Tillis Lederman
Michelle Tillis Lederman
Covered topics
Giving Feedback
Classes included
  1. Manage Your Team: Lead with Vision
  2. Selling with Insight: A Strategic Approach
  3. Collaborate to Overcome Sales
  4. Practice the Art of Persuasion
  5. Negotiate with Tactical Empathy
Learning objectives
  • Define the vision as a leader and align the entire team.
  • Review the principles of insight selling and coach the team to integrate insight into the sales process.
  • Coach the team in tactical moves that sharpen the clarity and actionability of their insight.
  • Apply the process of dealstorming to overcome sales challenges and deepen insight.

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How sales courses can spark peak performance

Research shows that the demand for salespeople is growing fast, and with that growth comes an increasing demand for sales courses. As organizations bulk up their sales teams, many are searching high and low for the sort of training that can truly drive results. To get the biggest return on investment from sales training, it’s important to consider the training topics that have proven to be impactful for a variety of organizations.