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Management courses that bring out the best in your leaders

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Adam Grant, Simon Sinek, Gretchen Rubin, and more

Management courses with Adam Grant
Featured Management Courses

The Art of Modern Management / How to lead high-performing teams

Setting the right tone for an entire team is a learned skill. This management course is designed to help learners balance the many demands that come with modern management, including leading remote employees.

Simon Sinek
Simon Sinek
Management courses with Adam Grant
Adam Grant
Management courses with Nilofer Merchant
Nilofer Merchant
Covered topics
Building Trust
Building Culture
Classes included
  1. Manage Yourself
  2. Manage Your Network
  3. Manage Your Team
  4. Manage Virtually
Learning objectives
  • Build trust and respect.
  • Cultivate relationships with key players on other teams.
  • Foster a culture of cooperation.
  • Remain accountable and hold the team accountable.
  • Manage remote teams as effectively as in-person teams.

Executive Presence / Look, speak, and act the part of a leader

Executive presence is a combination of qualities that the most successful managers exude. This course provides learners with practical strategies for building those qualities, such as confidence and decisiveness.

Amy Cuddy
Amy Cuddy
Management courses with Sylvia Ann Hewlett
Sylvia Ann Hewlett
Management courses with Rob Roy
Rob Roy
Covered topics
Emotional Intelligence
Classes included
  1. Confidence and Decisiveness
  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Communication
  4. Appearance
  5. Getting Feedback
Learning objectives
  • Project gravitas by acting decisively in a crisis.
  • Exercise emotional intelligence.
  • Deliver information in a concise, compelling manner tailored to the audience.
  • Cultivate a polished, healthy, resilient appearance.
  • Solicit and interpret useful feedback.

Sales Management / An approach for the digital age

The complexities of selling in a digital age are compounded by the demands of leading a sales team to success. This course is designed to help sales managers coach their direct reports in the art of selling with insight.

Dan Pink
Dan Pink
Tim Sanders
Tim Sanders
Michelle Tillis Lederman
Michelle Tillis Lederman
Covered topics
Giving Feedback
Classes included
  1. Manage Your Team: Lead with Vision
  2. Selling with Insight: A Strategic Approach
  3. Collaborate to Overcome Sales Challenges
  4. Practice the Art of Persuasion
  5. Negotiate with Tactical Empathy
Learning objectives
  1. Define the vision as a leader and align the entire team.
  2. Review the principles of insight selling and coach the team to integrate insight into the sales process.
  3. Coach the team in tactical moves that sharpen the clarity and actionability of their insight.
  4. Apply the process of dealstorming to overcome sales challenges and deepen insight.

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How management courses can elevate team leaders

The organization-wide benefits of management courses are convincing, from increased productivity and innovation to greater employee engagement and stronger organizational culture. But research has shown that the vast majority of new managers don’t receive training prior to becoming a manager.