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Embody Executive Presence

Effective leaders exude a self-awareness, credibility, and integrity that give them the edge to persuade others and grow a business. In this executive presence class, author and consultant Sylvia Ann Hewlett explains that the distance between merit and success is bridged by these subtle leadership signals.

Sylvia Ann Hewlett executive presence classes
Sylvia Ann Hewlett
Covered topics
Presentation Techniques
Body Language
Giving Feedback
Emotional Intelligence
Lessons included
  1. Gravitas
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Appearance
  4. Getting Feedback
Learning objectives
  • Identify the key qualities of executive presence.
  • Assess your gravitas.
  • Assess your professional appearance.
  • Assess your communication skills.
  • Ask for the type of feedback you need.

Mastering The Confidence Code

We often think of confidence as a natural marker of leadership ability, but bestselling author and journalist Claire Shipman reasons that many people, women especially, are unconsciously trained to avoid speaking up or taking risks. This miscalibration leaves women spinning their wheels, waiting for consensus, and deferring to others, while those around them gain valuable experience through risk-taking.

Claire Shipman executive presence classes
Claire Shipman
Covered topics
Self Management
Lessons included
  1. Acknowledge The Confidence Gap
  2. Self-Reflect on Your Journey with Confidence
  3. Don’t Ruminate, Rewire
  4. Let Go of Perfectionism
  5. When in Doubt, Act
  6. Speak Up Without Upspeak
  7. Embrace Your Intrinsic Strengths
Learning objectives
  • Recognize how the confidence gap manifests in organizations.
  • Learn ways to begin closing the confidence gap by empowering others.
  • Let go of perfectionism to build self-confidence.
  • Cultivate an action-oriented growth mindset.
  • Embrace the different ways men and women display confidence.

Becoming a Fluent Leader

In this executive presence class, Jane Hyun – leadership strategist and author – discusses how to recognize power gaps within an organization, and speak the language necessary for bridging them. This is an essential skill for leaders navigating today’s fast-paced and globalized world.

Jane Hyun executive presence classes
Jane Hyun
Covered topics
Self Awareness
Social Awareness
Energizing People
Building Trust
Stakeholder Relations
Lessons included
  1. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
  2. The Art of Flexing in Theory
  3. The Art of Flexing in Practice
  4. Engage Millennials
Learning objectives
  • Define and recognize the benefits of flexible leadership.
  • Develop your “flex” skills.
  • Develop communication skills.
  • Better engage with people different than yourself.

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