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Think Simple

In this design thinking class, Ken Segall – the bestselling author of Insanely Simple – discusses how to iterate ideas and designs until they can be distilled into a single, concise message. Segall explains how simplicity can be used to create a strong emotional connection with an audience.

Ken Segall design thinking classes
Ken Segall
Covered topics
User Experience
Data-Driven Decision-Making
Product Development
Lessons included
  1. The Perception of Simplicity
  2. Do Fewer Things Better
  3. Get to Where You’re Going Through Iteration
  4. Design for Flow
  5. Trust Your Instincts
  6. Invest in Relationships to Advance Your Ideas
  7. How to Launch Simplification Programs at Companies of Any Size
Learning objectives
  • Identify excessive complexity in products and services offered by your organization.
  • Determine the optimal number of choices for consumers.
  • Iterate offerings back to their simplest form.
  • Identify and collaborate with key stakeholders.
  • Empower team members to implement change.

Designing Change Through Branding

In today’s saturated marketplace, brand designer and author Debbie Millman explains the necessity of iterating designs in a way that doesn’t compromise on values or alienate customers. Millman also discusses how symbols and slogans can be used to manufacture meaning — both for people and organizations.

Debbie Millman design thinking classes
Debbie Millman
Covered topics
User Experience
Customer Journey
Developing Strategy
Lessons included
  1. Designing Change Through Branding
  2. The Democratization of Branding
  3. How to Build a Successful Brand in the 21st Century
  4. Harness the Neuroscience of Branding to Surprise and Delight Your Consumer
  5. Positioning, Mission, and Vision
  6. How to Work with Key Decision Makers
  7. Evolve Your Brand Carefully
  8. The 5 Phases of a Successful Redesign
  9. Key Markers of Failed and Successful Launch Strategies
Learning objectives
  • Recognize the branding influence of consumers.
  • Articulate your brand’s positioning and beliefs.
  • Explore visual design elements that engage the brain.
  • Assess the need for rebranding and apply lessons learned from previous design experiences.
  • Effectively communicate expectations for a new design and encourage honest feedback.

Designing for Social Innovation

In this design thinking class, business strategist and author Cheryl Heller explains how organizations can create value by collapsing their traditional workflows and practicing a more integrated approach known as “social design.” Effecting this shift also requires identifying a unifying message, communicating it effectively, and involving key stakeholders.

Cheryl Heller design thinking classes
Cheryl Heller
Covered topics
Lessons included
  1. A Radical Change Model for Creating Social Value
  2. Experiment Toward Your North Star
  3. Generate Energy Through Effective Communication
  4. Lead a Collaborative Process
  5. Break Down Silos to Facilitate Change
Learning objectives
  • Evolve design thinking into social design.
  • Define a moonshot objective.
  • Recognize the value of cross-disciplinary teams collaborating at scale.
  • Mobilize stakeholders via inclusive, actionable messaging.
  • Create a design-led culture.

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