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Customer experience classes that foster empathy

Featured Customer Experience Classes

How to Win with Your Customer

Many businesses claim to “put the customer first,” and that might score them some goodwill points. But in this customer experience class, Dan Rosensweig – president and CEO of Chegg – explains how to live that mantra. For example, by getting in closer contact with the end users of your product or service.

Dan Rosensweig customer experience classes
Dan Rosensweig
Covered topics
Service-Oriented Cultures
Customer Feedback
Data-Driven Decision-Making
Customer Journey
Lessons included
  1. Find Your Company’s North Star
  2. Learn the Art of Sales
  3. Go Direct to Consumer to Sustain High Growth
  4. Reinvent, then Reinvest
  5. Get a Next-Generation View of Your Business with Internship Programs
Learning objectives
  • Articulate a vision for your organization.
  • Put yourself in closer contact with the end users of your product/service.
  • Use sales skills to forge deeper connections with your end users.
  • Revise your strategy as needed.
  • Structure an internship program that’s meaningful for interns and your organization.

Cleaning Up Sludge

Long waiting times, excessive paperwork, and confusing interfaces — these are all examples of what Harvard professor and author Cass Sunstein calls “sludge.” Sludge is the everyday bureaucracy and “frictions that separate people from what they want to get.” A certain amount of this muck is unavoidable, but organizations can enhance their customer experience by reducing sludge wherever possible.

Cass Sunstein customer experience classes
Cass Sunstein
Covered topics
User Experience
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Lessons included
  1. How We Can Make Life Easier for Citizens, Customers, and Employees
  2. What Kind of Designer Are You?
  3. How Designers Can Work with—or Against—Consumer Biases
  4. Understand the Power of Choice Architecture—and Its Shadow Side
  5. Key Considerations for Designing Inclusive Services
  6. How to Conduct a Sludge Audit
Learning objectives
  • Practice human-centered design.
  • Account for consumers’ behavioral and cognitive biases.
  • Nudge users toward beneficial behaviors while preserving their freedom of choice.
  • Minimize cognitive load and distributional unfairness.
  • Assess the quantity and costs of the sludge pervading your systems and operations.

The Science of Successful Things

Products rarely succeed because of quality alone. In this customer experience class, Derek Thompson — journalist at The Atlantic — explains the importance of consumer perception. Thompson shares a few key questions that must be answered in order to give products and services the best chance at succeeding.

Derek Thompson customer experience classes
Derek Thompson
Covered topics
Identifying Market Trends
Recognizing Industry Trends
Brand Building
Lessons included
  1. Case Studies in Product Hits and Flops
  2. Online Marketing Essentials (Coolness, Cultishness, and Popularity)
  3. Find the Right Audience at the Right Time
  4. Invigorate Your Audience with “Aha” Moments
  5. Give Creative Talent a Long Runway
Learning objectives
  • Determine whether your products or services strike the right balance between surprise and familiarity.
  • Identify your core audience and how to appeal to them.
  • Reposition an underperforming product or service.
  • Build “aha” moments into your design and marketing.
  • Give new people and ideas the time and space they need to succeed.

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