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A Topgun’s Guide to Elite Performance

Guy Snodgrass

Former TOPGUN instructor and author of TOPGUN’s Top 10

Guy Snodgrass career development classes
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Take Control of Your Career

No job is perfect, and we all need to start over sometimes. But that doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. In this career development class, leadership expert and bestselling author Jon Acuff explains how to navigate transitions by tapping into the skills, qualities, and connections you’ve built throughout your career.

Jon Acuff career development classes
Jon Acuff
Covered topics
Personal Branding
Goal Setting
Lessons included
  1. Recognize the 4 Do-Over Moments
  2. Navigate Your Do-Over Moments with a Career Savings Account
  3. Break Through a Ceiling
  4. Essential Questions for Making a Wise Jump
  5. Make the Most of Opportunities and Bumps
Learning objectives
  • Assess the voluntary and involuntary changes in your career.
  • Identify relationships to cultivate in good times and fall back on in hard times.
  • Make sustainable plans for professional development and hold yourself accountable.
  • Evaluate the potential ramifications of major career changes.
  • Maximize small opportunities.

How to Win in a Winner-Take-All World

In days past, employees started at the bottom, worked their way up, and retired with a pension all at the same company. Today, the market moves quickly and disruptors are everywhere. According to author and economics correspondent Neil Irwin, this paradigm demands agility and a new type of career plan.

Career Development Classes with Neil Irwin
Neil Irwin
Covered topics
Growth Mindset
Career Mapping
Risk Taking
Goal Setting
Lessons included
  1. The Fundamentals of Navigating a Career in the 21st Century
  2. Become Your Organization’s Most Valuable Kind of Employee
  3. Become an All-Star Player by Leveraging Data
  4. From Career Ladder to Career Lattice
  5. Watch for These 2 Signals Before Investing in Your Employer
Learning objectives
  • Define your version of professional success.
  • Identify the skills you need to improve to become a team player.
  • Identify and interpret the metrics most relevant to your performance.
  • Map out your next career moves.
  • Determine when and how to invest in the employer-employee relationship.

Transitioning into a Leadership Role

Making the transition into a leadership role can require precarious maneuvering. In this career development class, Michael Watkins – leadership professor and author of The First 90 Days – sets new leaders up for success. Watkins explains how to cultivate a deep understanding of the organization’s culture, assessing the organization’s circumstances and needs, evolving one’s leadership style, and more.

Career Development Classes with Michael Watkins
Michael Watkins
Covered topics
Goal Setting
Building Trust
Building Culture
Lessons included
  1. Set Yourself Up for Success
  2. Create Early Momentum
  3. Speed Up the Learning Process
  4. Apply the Right Strategy
  5. Get the Most Out of Your New Team
Learning objectives
  • Diagnose organizational problems or needs.
  • Tailor your leadership actions to organizational norms and culture.
  • Build a roadmap for your leadership goals and strategies.
  • Secure early wins.
  • Build credibility and balance on your new team.

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