Yes! She Can! Lady Clinton, the Future Secretary of State

  Yes! She Can! Lady Clinton, the Future Secretary of State. In this depressed economy, prudent is risk, waiting is danger! President-elect Obama should make quick decision about his cabinet posts, who will be the next Treasury Secretary and Secretary of State?  President Obama, you are not writing scientific paper and does not need too much "vetting". Today (Nov, 19 2008 DOW downs to 7997.28 first time!) And deflation is on and depression may be coming! This Administration is no hope to fix the Economy!! Americans need the real bight and able persons like President Obama and Lady Clinton to lead this country out of depression.   Let me review a bit of 2008 Democratic primary history: If Mark Penn was smart enough! If Sen. Clinton’s staff dug deep enough about the extra-affairs of John Edward and worked hard enough about the relationship of  Bill Ayer, Father Phleger and Rev. Wright with Mr. Barack Obama before Iowa  Caucus. Or Sen. Clinton refused to agree on contract to let Michigan and Florida voting gone busted before any primary held! There would be a greater chance the President-elect would be Lady Hillary Clinton.  There is no need to take the Congress’s vetting duty, let the Congress to do its job to vet Lady Clinton. One thing for sure, if Lady Clinton is not up to her job of Secretary of State in the future. President Obama can fire her later!! The rest short-lists for Secretary of State. Mr. Bill Richardson? Who needs a guy, he had betrayed his friends and former boss? For Sen. John Kerry, are you kidding me? He is waiting John McCain to be his Vice- president in 2004! I doubt his intelligence! Yes! Only Lady Clinton is the most qualified person to be the next Secretary of State. For Mr. Bill Clinton, he knows how to do his perfect job and let her wife serve this Country decently! I worry nothing about him!

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