Wow: Forget is also a waiting

I have played the game for almost three months and I stay with you together only a short period of several dozens of days, but these days are very long than my life. I would like to use my life to change these days. In the game I have earned a lot of wow gold, I also would like to use them to change these days.Encounter a parting there, but everyone is afraid of parting, I comfort myself that no feast of seats, but it was reluctant to drink their wine, the song would also like to go, can you sing a song again to not leave. Every one will leave at last, so no matter we earn how many World of Warcraft Gold it will not have many useful things. It will also leave and it is not owned by us. We should earn that we want to have and use them out. It is a matter of the sinking, the so-called rational and determination, but funny and self-comforting words of fear. Love has always been a strait-jacket the pursuit of love does not mean that the pursuit of freedom. Love as a person, knowing that the loss of freedom, but also willing to make a commitment. And we can not use the warcraft gold to buy the love. love is only based ourselves.Is a commitment to contend with all the changes, the changes was the eternal, we have had to do with the eternal promise of the constraints of the world changes, and we can not be eternal, it is not a promise. The promise is very expensive, if you respect his personality, you have to recover. We can buy wow gold in the game and we can forget,but do you know sometimes the forget is also a waiting. The most romantic love is not be get. The most beautiful love there are bound to regret. The most beautiful love, do not have to know care with words. Disappointed, sometimes, also a well-being. As something to look forward to, will be disappointed. Unfortunately, that is also a kind of well-being. Because there are things you regret. I would like to bring my love to you as a regret. And I want to give you the cheap wow gold to remember you. I really want to led by your hand. I believe that the forget is also a waiting, and we can get together some day. And welcome to join us! We are waiting for you to join us.

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