WOW: Because of you and I will be here

I have played the game for a long time and I met a lifetime so that I can not forget you, thank you, let me in the game, not lonely, lonely, thank you, and because of you and I will be here. I feel love is a kind of happiness at the same time be loved is our duty. But now, all have not only memories go back! Because I can earn the wow gold with you in the game, and as I do it I feel very happy. Do you still remember that you once said that playing the games is to look for happiness? However, I think play this game is just looking for our happiness, the game mentality of the people is based on the reality, not happy because the game and mentality to decide. Because of this I see your tears from your eyes in the night. As long as I go to brush the World of Warcraft Gold, you will happy and you will smile. I often miss you and your happiness and because of you and I will be here forever.I love a complaint or regret, and I also love to get the warcraft gold, but because lively personality, love the jokes I finally tasted the bitter fruit of its own brewing, if not love, I will be in the game in the efforts to achieve their goals, today, because of you and I will be here. I have no strength to face the beautiful scenery. Not in love with you and I love you did not before, in the face of the game, really good to me, I have been echocardiography. However, echocardiography is not equal love. We are in order to the same goals and we try our best to earn as many cheap wow gold as we can. After that we become the couples. I love you very much. Because of you and I will be here and I will not be away forever. I just go to buy wow gold to get together with you. I can not let you know me. To my surprise, our love is beginning during that time. My dream is just now starting but hurry to the end. Now I still love you. I hope you are on the line every day. So I can see you but I want to tell you that because of you and then I will be here forever. And besides that I will go to play the game with you together.

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