WOW: Beautiful new beginning

Never before has life held as much promise as it does on this very day. The possibilities open to you right now are more wonderful and abundant than they have ever been. You will want to find some interesting things to do; I think if you play the game you will love it. There is a lot of wow gold in the game and you can try your best to earn them as much as you can. And then you will be satisfied with the game. You may be suffering under the sad illusion that the best days of your life have already come and gone. But in the game you will do not think that again, because playing this game you will be joyful and release. You only want to get more and more World of Warcraft Gold to let you become strong, so you can go to upgrade and kill the monsters alone. You will enjoy yourself in the game and you will love the game very much. Choose now to see beyond that self-imposed limiting thought. Open your eyes to the beautiful truth that the things in your life with real value and meaning never decline or decay. You will do not know that I have never played game except this game, so it is the beautiful new beginning of the game, and I like the warcraft gold I want to satisfy you too. The longer you live with purpose and sincerity, the more intensely you experience true love and joy. However you can also go to buy wow gold alone or with your friends together. It will be very interesting I think you will love it finally.  It may seem that your mistakes have been piled on top of mistakes, and that nothing can free you from your burdensome regrets. Maybe while you are playing the game you will make some mistakes, but you do not worry about it. You can change them through the cheap wow gold. Yet the freedom you seek is as close as the next moment. Every beauty you have ever imagined is real, and exists in you right now. Every joy that you have ever glimpsed is yours to live and to express any time you choose. I stand in this moment at a beautiful new beginning, full of promise and possibility. See it, know it, live it, and allow the joy to flow more abundantly than ever before. So I like the beautiful new beginning very much and I like to play the game too.

China’s artificial sun reaches fusion temperature: 100 million degrees

In a breakthrough for nuclear fusion research, scientists at China's Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) reactor have produced temperatures necessary for nuclear fusion on Earth.

Credit: EAST Team
Surprising Science
  • The EAST reactor was able to heat hydrogen to temperatures exceeding 100 million degrees Celsius.
  • Nuclear fusion could someday provide the planet with a virtually limitless supply of clean energy.
  • Still, scientists have many other obstacles to pass before fusion technology becomes a viable energy source.
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A dark matter hurricane is crashing into Earth

Giving our solar system a "slap in the face."

Surprising Science
  • A stream of galactic debris is hurtling at us, pulling dark matter along with it
  • It's traveling so quickly it's been described as a hurricane of dark matter
  • Scientists are excited to set their particle detectors at the onslffaught
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Here's how diverse the 116th Congress is set to become

The 116th Congress is set to break records in term of diversity among its lawmakers, though those changes are coming almost entirely from Democrats.

(Photo: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)
Politics & Current Affairs
  • Women and nonwhite candidates made record gains in the 2018 midterms.
  • In total, almost half of the newly elected Congressional representatives are not white men.
  • Those changes come almost entirely from Democrats; Republican members-elect are all white men except for one woman.
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