Would you say you are a loving person? By definition, yes.

 Roget's New Millennium™ Thesaurus - Cite This Source - Share ThisMain Entry:  lovingPart of Speech:  adjectiveDefinition:  adoringSynonyms:  admiring, affectionate, amatory, amiable, amorous, anxious, appreciative, ardent, attached, attentive, benevolent, bound up, caring, concerned, considerate, cordial, dear, demonstrative, devoted, doting, earnest, enamored, erotic, expressive, faithful, fervent, fond, friendly, generous, idolatrous, impassioned, infatuated, kind, liking, loyal, passionate, respecting, reverent, reverential, romantic, sentimental, solicitous, tender, thoughtful, valuing, warm, warm-hearted, worshipful, zealous

I disagree that love is the most important thing we can discuss, simply because humans are incapable of a complete understanding or knowledge of what we estimate to be "love."

Just look at the number of synonms for this concept.

I believe understanding our unessential status, being in awe, being confident enough to be humble; in the presense of the universe is the most important thing we can discuss, because humans pridesfully fail at this in the majority and so immensely.

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