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In reality, many people do not believe that the love exists in the net and I agree with them because I think that I am very rational in life. However, as a matter of fact, I have gone against with my words when I come cross with him.Under the help of my friends, I contact the net game and tell myself that I would not indulge myself in the game enough long. Besides, in order to protect my information in the unreal world, I chose the role of female to deceive the help of the others. At first, I was just to enjoy the fresh things and would not waste large number of the money or time on game like somebody who would buy wow gold to enter into the game and spend most of their time on it. As for me, when I felt my work was tired, I would make use of the little World of Warcraft Gold to play the game. Because I was a beautiful woman in game, a lot of men often followed me to let me be their wife. Facing this kind of condition, I would refuse their request and told them that I would not be married with anyone. But if without that time, I would not meet her, a lovely sister who was very strong and could earn a lot of warcraft gold by herself. There was a good feeling between us because we had so many same hobbies and also were the female.By many times chatting with her, I felt that she was a nice girl and found that a strange feeling appeared that I fell in love with her but she still knew that. In fact, I planed to tell her that I was not the female but a boy but I was afraid of losing her. Therefore, I gave up that chance and went on be the female to listen to the words on her stories. Maybe, I was wrong at that time and should tell her the fact but only to buy wow gold for her.Suddenly, she told me that she would get married soon and asked me whether I liked that boy. So as not to let her unhappy, I did tell her that the boy was very good and they would become the happiest couple in the game. Most of important, he would earn some cheap wow gold for you. Following my opinions, she married with him and I chose to leave her for ever.  

Live on Thursday: Learn innovation with 3-star Michelin chef Dominique Crenn

Dominique Crenn, the only female chef in America with three Michelin stars, joins Big Think Live this Thursday at 1pm ET.

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Physicists solve a 140-year-old mystery

Scientists discover the inner workings of an effect that will lead to a new generation of devices.

Carrier-resolved photo-Hall effect.

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    Did our early ancestors boil their food in hot springs?

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