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Without Brett Favre, the City Of Green Bay will be Dead

     Without Brett  Favre, The City of Green Bay will be Dead Is that truth of fiction? The good news Favre is back to Green Bay.The Bad news the gangs of Manager Ted Thompson and Coach Mike McCarthy of  Greenbay Packers rebuffed Favre’s request  for compete his Quarterback  job first, now they have to reluctant to do it and might trade him.. The good news is that the public owners of Greenbay Packers saved about 25 m.The bad news, the CEO and President Mark Murphy dares to spend  about  the public money 25m and asks Favre to sit multiple years and  do nothing. The worst, no one cares the 25m. Readers, if you are the fans of  NFL, you may know  Greenbay Packers and the City, Green Bay.  I f not , who cares ? You will! Only did  you  read this writing. I got so many friends , they are a common people living in Green bay and own one share of Greenbay packers, the only one , public owned NFL team. And Green bay is a small city of  just barely over 100 thousands people in Wisconsin. The Chicago Bears and Minnesota Viking  fans hates us very much because Greenbay Packers beat them  so many times under Favre. 

Small cities and towns like many others  in this country got hit hard in recession period. (Though this Administration never admits "R" word, in the City of Green bay, we know R came already a year ago!). Paper mill factories (the main industry in Green Bay), if not closed, they move to India.  And the Mercury Marine factory will be closed in Fond du Lac (near Green Bay city). Of course, Foreclosure is no exemption in Green bay.

 I can 100% guarantee, if Greenbay packers do not keep Favre in the team. Sunday games in the small capacity of barely over 73000 Lambeau filed will be scarcely filled. The crime rate in Green bay city will shoot up 20% annually. I t is not only because Farve is great, it is because he can bring "WINS" to this city. Win bring full capacity and generate money to this City. And money keep this City going.  That’s why after 16 years services of Farve, Green bay packers generate enough money, the CEO dares and can promise Farve  with public 25m. for stay home.    If  Favre goes, no Wins. Hotels, Restaurant, Renting car centers, and Sunday game park fees will dwindle. Plus more factories, business closed down, the unemployment rate shoot up in Green bay. The City will die!! Truth!

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