Will Belgium be disintegrated ?

Belgium once started as a francophone nation meanwhile half of its citizens didn't speak French, but Flamish.

Reason for this option: fighting the protestant clavinist thoughts, which was also the real reason for the revolution against the Netherlands in the first place.

The problem has finally been resolved after the equal acceptance of Dutch as an official language, but then a new problem arose:

half of the country doesn't have any information about the other half due to a Flamish schooling system, Flamish media and even Flamish government of the most part of their lives.

The other half of the country opting quite logically rather for English then for Flamish/Dutch.

In fact most people do speak and understand English, which can't be said about neither French nor Dutch. Some youth already speak English when meeting each other when finding out the difference of language between them.

I do believe Belgium will become a confederation of three nation: Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia.

BTW, the .vl (Vlaanderen), .wa (Wallonie) et .bxl (Bruxelles) are still available as top level domains...

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