Why Say Yes! To the Detroit Big Three.

                    Why Say Yes! To the Detroit Big Three. First, I want to declare here, I do not own any stocks of   Ford and GM or have any relatives who work in the Detroit big three. Let me foresee the serious catastrophe if the big three go under. According to Mark Zandi of MoodyEconomy.com there will be 2.6 m which equal to 1.9% US workforce lost, if Ford, GM, Chrysler are to go bankruptcies.  Congress! In this recession period and extraordinary time, we need extraordinary action. We do not gamble the Confidence and the Stability in the recession time for 25 billion. One thing for sure, we only need 25 billions to save the big three now. However we do know and cannot foresee the instability and repercussion that affect the confidence of the market and the whole America. This Big Three is really the same case as A.I.G., too big to fall!  And this time we use the taxpayers dollars to save our own Americans, it is better than to waste taxpayers’ billions dollars a month In Iraq!  Say yes to Detroit Big Three. Congress! If you say NO! WE ALL REMEMBER YOUR UNPATRIOTIC NAME! CONGRESSMAN!

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