Why not empower individuals to reroute some AID/World Bank $'s through kiva.org?

Why not reroute some development money from World Bank to kiva.org by giving
taxpayers a tax credit/deduction for donating/loaning money to specific
projects on kiva's list or any of the other microfinance
individual-to-individual donation/loan agencies?  

Even extremely large projects could be funded this way,because individuals can offer small bits that can add
up to a great deal of money for a particular project if enough people believe in it.

My wife and I loaned $25 last year through kiva.org to a woman in Togo who ran a
grain store and wanted to add a freezer so she could sell fish.  In a very short
time enough people contributed money to reach the $1,200 she needed.  She paid
all of our money back in one year right on schedule.  Now we have loaned the
$25 to three women in Pakistan.  We don't get any interest for loaning the
money, but we enjoy doing it.  We study each proposal carefully, although the
proposals are already vetted at the village level.  Some arrangements make the
whole village accountable for the loan.

California wildfires death toll climbs to 50

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