Why My Immune System Is More Efficient

I'm one of the few lucky people who happens to be mixed. Putting

social constructions, ethnicity, identities, and likewise charged
terms aside, I'd prefer to speak on my immune system's biological
advantages to being "mixed race."

Death is the antithesis to life, and unless one was to die through
accident, disease (or old age) will end all life. I see death in
itself is a disease, one that could easily be forever halted (if the
right amount of money were placed in the right areas). Then again, I'm
a fatalist, so what the fuck do I know?

Disease is so prevalent in the world; on the micro scale, forms of
life (bacteria, viruses, protists, etc) mutate and colonize at such
alarming rates, getting rid of them with always be impossible?
Throughout the world, specific diseases are endemic to certain areas,
that is to say that specific diseases have certain gene pools which
inevitably are limited (and vary) by:

1. space (geographical)
2. the endemic population of potential hosts

Given these limits, disease can mutate only "so much" within a
population, over time. Also, given that specific populations of people
inhabit specific areas, specific groups of people start to have
long-standing associations with certain diseases, which in turn
evolves specific populations to specific immunity (and infections).

By having a genome comprised of genes from many different continents
of the world, I have been blessed with a naturally superior immune
system. I am naturally resistant to more diseases, whereas someone
whose genes come from all one part of the world is left at a
disadvantage. I notice that my overall health (and well being) tends
to be much better than average; many mixed people have expressed
similar observations to me about their health and immunity.

At the same time, my risk of genetic defect and/or disease goes down
to almost impossible by being mixed. Again, incongruous genes are
placed next to each other, resulting in less potential for inferior
genes to be expressed (genetic disease). Basically, I'm more evolved
than the average person, and I'm glad I'm not white, because it's
evolutionarily advantageous.

More of of the story? Mix your genes together to achieve a more
efficient, more evolved baby...

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