Why isn't "Games & Sports" a category of Arts & Culture?

This seems like a weird lacuna, given:\n\n• Sports and their huge cultural and metaphorical umbra\n\n• Video games (a more relevant art form at this moment than capital-A Art, I'd say)\n\n• The convergence of education and gaming (the biggest differences between a standardized test and a Nintendo Touch Generation game: volition and consequence)\n\n• The existence of ludic simulations that have deep philosophical implications (cf. Richard Dawkins on The Selfish Gene, Dan Dennett on Free Will, Stephen Wolfram on The Whole Kit and Kaboodle) \n\n• The existence of narratology vs. ludology issues that reflect fundamental political questions (Is this country fundamentally a unique Story, or a unique System? Or a unique combination of both?)\n\n• The two-party system, Electoral College, etc. as examples of "Broken Games".\n\n• The toy-ification of all user design, everywhere.\n\nSo, where's the love? Where are the interviews with Craig Biggio and Alex Rigopulos to go along with Moby and Zac Posen?

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