Why is Everything in Nature so Beautiful?

We can usually classify each of our fellow humans somewhere on the scale between Ugly and Beautiful.  Not so with Nature.  It is difficult to find any examples in the natural-world that can be considered ugly.  The colors, are perfectly matched and blended; the shapes are perfect, even if non-symmetrical; the composition is perfect. There is some magic at work here.

If we try to draw or paint Nature, it can end up a real mess. For example, ask a child to draw a tree without its leaves -- at best, the result will look awkward. If we build something that does not have an exact symmetry, it looks a bit strange.  How come Nature does not make aesthetic mistakes?

Could beauty simply be a measure NATURAL-ness?  Is it possible that we are psychologically programmed to read all things in Nature as 'beautiful'?  If this is the case, perhaps we should have also been programmed with a greater respect for the survival of such beauty.

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