Why don't the "best" business strategies work, as promised, for all?

Throughout my professional career, I have followed the continuous stream reading the great, recommended books, listened to the motivational/training Cd's, attended the greatest of seminars in the seemingly never-ending pursuit of what has been promised to make myself and others more and more successful.

The information gained and employed has certainly provided some very strong results. Though, not usually to the degree promised or should I say, significantly "suggested."

Within the last ten years, I began to ask myself,"Why, if the last book, CD or seminar promised the latest, greatest, new & improved strategies and tactics, is there yet another book, CD and/or seminar to be enticed with"?

The more I asked, the clearer it became that none of these "approaches" quite live up to their promises, only because none can. Strategies, tactics and a single path are only part of the answer to success.

This course of thought freed my mind up to then "see" what was missing and what almost all "formulas" suffer from. The don't start at a true beginning nor teach individuals how to do so. We all tend to start part-way-in, based on our capabilities, experience and knowledge to the current point. Yet that is not where the individual, group, business, etc. we are seeking an agreement with is starting from.

As this understanding became clearer (and continues too) I now know how to "complete" what is missing from the best of ideas and concepts, causing these to accomplish a higher ratio of success, as they always intended. And do so without discounting such.

I would like to hear from anyone who has thoughts to share about the original question.

What I have learned, I teach and is what makes up:

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