Why do we raise children with no interest in who they are?

I admit to being middle-aged but have never understood the concept of forgetting my childhood or how I felt as a teenager. I work with about 1500 people ranging in age from 20 to 70 and talk to as many colleagues as I can. And I watch. And I listen.

It just appears to me that more and more parents wish they had not raised their own children, that they want them gone and that they certainly don't won't to spend any time with them. I was raised by parents who fitted this category.

Most importantly, parents tend to believe they have no responsibility to raise their children with any respect, ethics or desires.

Why? Don't they care about this world. the future? Their own happiness? They certainly don't care about their children's happiness. Happiness at my workplace is pretty much considered a joke and the only way to achieve it is through alchohol, or drugs, or getting their kids to move out.

I really worry about what world there will be with so much disconnection.

Tell me I'm wrong. Please.

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