Why did we kill the electric car and pursue unrealistic goals?

I did see the documentary regarding the issue in California about the electric car, but i found it appalling that car companies destroyed the idea even consumers wanted it. Electric cars can be completely clean if elctricity is obtained from a clean source. Furthermore its is cleaner than normal fuel because more efficient technology is available in power plants than the fuel exhaust in a car. The limitations of distance can be resolved if there is fueling stations available.

Here is some realizations of the other alternative fuel solutions:

All this talk about magical hydrogen fuel is ridiculous. It cannot possibly support our entire infrastructure, considering it needs to go through thermodynamic reactions (produce little input) and also extremely volatile (if we use it as equivalent of electricity). The billions of dollars spend on this is a ruse. BTW it can work if we have an "infinite" energy source (nuclear fusion)

The ethanol bill is going to backfire on the US significantly (or does govt want this?), yet they continue to pursue it. American grown crops to ethanol requires more energy to grow than it can produce (only efficient in climate similar to Brazil where sugar can eis grown naturally). On this concept alone we shouldn't do it. Also to increase the production by three times means less arable land will be availiable (law of diminishing returns). Also to push demand for corn, will lead to all corn products to cost more, hurting consumers. What will happen?, Americans will be pissed due to increase costs and a conservative and anti-envi movement will probably occur. Furthermore oil companies will benefit because consumers will still consume oil-related products for the time being.

 We should start making policies bsed on the long run. Electricity is the fastest medium of energy and it is already moderately accessible in many places so infrastructure cost will be less. All the basic technology is available right now. We should push for it, and eliminate the "oil crutch"

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