Why Baseball is Weird

Ok, first of all, I just want to say, I LOVE baseball. This post is not meant to disparage the game, the traditions, even its professional leagues (although maybe they deserve it right now).

 But the other night while I was falling asleep it occurred to me just how strange this game truly is.

 For example: back-and-forth games like football, soccer, rugby, basketball, hockey. These games have two teams on opposing sides of a field (or rink, or court but basically rectangular space) and in a sense, there is such an appeal because its like two armies on the field of battle. How many times in football certainly do we hear this comparison? Like how these "battle" sports replicate our primitive interests in fighting on an open space like cavemen, the Middle Ages, etc.

 Then there's baseball: played on a diamond, guys hitting a ball and trying to get around bases before he's "out", guy trying to throw a ball past a hitter and all of it.

 What is this sport possibly replicating in human society? I can't really think of a situation why we would be so interested in such a game. What is shaped like a diamond in real life? Nothing. In what situations are you actually trying to outrun others before they throw a ball (or rock, or something...) to someone else?

 Its just plain bizarre. I'm sure there are writings on it but it makes you think.

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