Why are there so many Atheists on the internet?

Have you noticed the extremely larger number of non-believers than believers on the internet, even though Atheists are a minority in the world? I think I might have a conclusion for this.

 It is my theory that to believe in a religion, you must not have time to pause and take a good look at what you are believing. Let's face it, this world is a busy place! Most of us are too busy to answer deep questions like, "What is the meaning of life?" I think that when somebody gets the time to think about their beliefs, they grow apart from them, when they notice how silly they really are. These people with extra spair time may inhabit such places as the internet, more than people who don't have enough time in the day. This would explain how Atheists are the majority on the internet, but a vast minority in the streets.

 Just an Idea!   - Arcanine

Ethnic chauvinism: Why the whole world shouldn’t look like America

We are constantly trying to force the world to look like us — we need to move on.

  • When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, many Americans jumped for joy. At the time, some believed there weren't going to be any more political disagreements anywhere in the world. They thought American democracy had won the "war of ideas."
  • American exceptionalism has sought to create a world order that's really a mirror image of ourselves — a liberal world order founded on the DNA of American thinking. To many abroad this looks like ethnic chauvinism.
  • We need to move on from this way of thinking, and consider that sometimes "problem-solving," in global affairs, means the world makes us look like how it wants to be.
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Physicists find new state of matter that can supercharge technology

Scientists make an important discovery for the future of computing.

Surprising Science
  • Researchers find a new state of matter called "topological superconductivity".
  • The state can lead to important advancements in quantum computing.
  • Utilizing special particles that emerge during this state can lead to error-free data storage and blazing calculation speed.
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First solar roadway in France turned out to be a 'total disaster'

French newspapers report that the trial hasn't lived up to expectations.

Image source: Charly Triballeau / AFP / Getty Images
Technology & Innovation
  • The French government initially invested in a rural solar roadway in 2016.
  • French newspapers report that the trial hasn't lived up to expectations.
  • Solar panel "paved" roadways are proving to be inefficient and too expensive.
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