Why are so many people disillusioned with the church?

I think that this is a question that Christians need to ask these days. Why is it that so many people have no interest in the Christian faith and consider all Christians to be hypocrites? Simply stated: because most Christians do not act like one. I keep coming back to this idea time and time again. Too often Christians keep in their own little comfortable bubble of the church and never venture out of it. This is not attractive to the unbeliever. Neither is saying one thing and acting another. I believe a huge step is to actually take time to be involved in the lives of those around us. To show a genuine interest and live life side by side with those who are not of the Christian faith. It seems as though the whole idea of practicing what we preach is what is needed in this case. We preach all about the love of God and how He ministered to the least of these, and yet, how many times do we walk past those on the side of the road and not give them a second glance. How often do we hear of someone in need and turn away. If I was seeing this, I don't think I'd want anything to do with Christianity either. Time to practice what we preach...

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