Why 99% people is creating useless ideas on this great website? here is a recipe

If you just arrived like me and have checked the majority of ideas posted on this nice website (that i wanted to create under the name UnknownTheories few years ago, but i didnt,arf too late again..) you surely have obeserved that most of ideas are stupid since they dont seek a solution to any existing problems. All argueing for exemple if this or that religionn is the best, this is spending time and reflexion for nothing i think...

So the only goal of this idea is to make you think about the utility of the idea you want to create on this website.

May be like me you think this website is really great in its interest and that may be some people could find solution or ideas for their problems/projects, and this is what we must do here!

Just to say that dont loose your time speaking about past, or even about present if its not to place a good idea usefull for others! Dont feed a fake idea with religious or political thougths just to sharpen a subject that is dead already while you write.

Be constructive, be usefull, be smart, be great ! Genius dont see the past as a possibility, but as a proof of some fail or success event. They always look forward, to make their ideas better and better, bigger and bigger in order to reach the utlimate truth.

So if you want to make a good idea, read by everyone, and recognized as a very good one, or at least an interesting one,  here is a recipe :

1. create an idea you like (thinking about something you like worth 200% normal thinking)

2. dont create it for yourself (help people or help to resolve an existing problem)

3. dont think about already existing things, CREATE your own idea.

4. dont destroy or contest someone else's idea ( just make him see another point of view that may be better)

5. dont create an idea just to show you can write some words, or just to proove you have the biggest one (remember there is always some bigger than yours;)

6. remember good ideas always have opponents, and be ready to accept it, but dont quit it if you believe in it!

7. be simple in expressions, you idea must be understood by everyone to travel around the world, even if they dont know the domain of your idea (see, i am french, and i try to use simple words, cause i dont speak really good english but i hope every non english people will  understand this idea)

8. make the world forward with your idea! dont live in the past, open your eyes to the future!

9. An idea is not conly reated by an old wise man who spent 50years in a library reading and learning all books, its just someone who tried to think about something! search your theme.

10. Give a chance to your idea, it may be useless for most of people, may be it will open a way for someone else.

11. Your idea is what you are (as this site say or something like that) if you dont have your own ideas, you are nothing, just another sheep...learn to think by yourself

12. dont forget the goal of an idea : to be shared with others and realized (if possible)

13. an idea is not dangerous, an action may, think before acting ;)

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