when were the dinosuars?Are they still here?

there are different theroys to "when" the dinosuars were here other then they were here millions of years ago.

some people belive that the dinosuars were crwated by god the same time as adam some think they evolved from ummmm ........... a rock acording to evolution. some think they were in a 1rst earth befor god created Adam [they think we our in the 2nd earth] and some think they are still here and always have been. befor you say thats crazy the 'word' dinosuar wasnt invesnted intill the late 1800s so maybe they had another name now what looks like a dinosuar that people used to say they saw, dragons! befor you call me a nut case think about it put a picture of a T-rex and a dragon beside each other and show it to a 8 year old and theyll say they look alike so maybe dragons were dinosuars? also if you look hard you can find records of dinosuare like craters everywhere

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