whats the next move for media?

as posted to richard branson

media is supposed to be dispassionate when reporting facts ,it is allowed passion with sport and the arts ,noting neither sport nor the arts are news

you sir richard are an ideal case in point, while your flair and passion are motivated by your buisness ,thier promotion as news isnt what news is supposed to be

neither is the reportage of road deaths , sports scores or what the rich and famous may or may not be doing today ,but none of that is going to change [is it]so who can blame you for using it to the max,

its past time that we see you doing something 'new' any way, but it shouldnt be classed as new[s] but light entertainment

news is in a terrible state, the same headlines , and opinion masking as news every 15 minutes or so ,news shouldnt really be in depth ,[thats why we go to news papers for ,or more reasonably web sites, using active links]

visual television ,vidio and radio media should be a fast paced reading of quick fast paced headlines ,

that link via web links to the full reportage where the full reporting is done, linked to opinion pieces by the headline subject ,on pro /con pages that have the statistical analasis, related implications, possable concequences ,past , post and future implications and contact links that round off the full spectrum of our reactions to the particular story or subject

in a fast paced news reportage two or three minutes could cover the headlines intersperced with real news ,then arts , national news then sports, political news , then health ,international news ,then personnality , news ,then buisness , news then stock reports, news then science ,then news , weather

possably with a ticker tape running under with hot links hooked up to the digital ,that searches for more detail ,watchable during the slow times , or able to run together in a weekly progressive  sumerised sequence

what is anoying is not know in how something happened , or why , or how it turned out ,computers can accumulate the whole progression to run at our conveniance

i am discusted in our present media,bbc has the same as cnn, fox is so clearly biased as to be insulting to non war mongering peace nicks such as myself

i pray some saviour [virgen to the media starts a site like this , or my space or answers that does the whole news in a truely un biased manner
but it aint going to happen now is it 

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