What to do with people being jailed.

We all know that the world is becoming a more and more dangerous place to live as each day slips through the hourglass. We also know that jails and prisons all over this planet are being packed to the brim with criminals jailed for various acts of violence, drug distribution, etc.

 My idea (which, of course, is not a serious suggestion/idea, and will most likely not be implemented anytime soon) is very simple: Put everyone in jail before they commit crimes. 

Now, I know what you're thinking, "What the heck is that gonna solve?" Well, if we were to place everybody in the world, and I mean everybody, into prison, we would all realize how bad prison really is, and the chances of us actually commiting a crime would be greatly slashed. This technique is comparible to training a dog. If the dog wets the carpet in the house, and not outside (or anywhere else you may want your dog to relieve itself) then we punish that dog to prevent it from commiting the same "crime" again. See what I'm getting at?

As I said before, it is extremely unlikely that this may happen, but it could very well be a last resort problem we may need to face in the near future...that is...if things keep going the way they are now. This is my idea, and I am proud to present it.

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