What is the appeal?

The logic and truth of the matter aside. There seems to be equally little physical proof for any spiritual belief system. So basically people just chose, what appeals and speaks to them. (ya culture plays a huge role but this is a question to belivers here that have thought themselves about the issue)

 Now my question is what is it that people find atracive about the god of Abraham? To me the concept of a big brother figure who gave you a nature and rules that go against that nature, who is always watching, and if you dont obey his odlly specific and counter intuative laws hes ready to condemn you to eternal suffering. Just the entire concept is completlly displeasing, why do people find it so appealing.

The free will, soul, eternal life all that i get, i can see how thats apealing (for me personally eternal life is also a frightening though but i can see why people like it). But you can belive in all that without a need for a crazy bearded man in the sky watching your evry move, and skrewing with your instincts. I just dont get it. Budhism, Daoism, Jeffs abstract spiritual views to me they apear to be much more appealing (not that i think any are more are true).

On a side note a question on eternal suffering, lets say there is good and evil. How can a finite amount of evil one comited in ones lifetime add up to eternal suffering. Should not the punishment be proportionate to the crime, why is god so damn vengefull?

Anyway i was just wondering, never could really could wrap my head around why that belief system is apealing. Hope to hear back from you belivers.

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