what is good in turning dust god gave to live back into dust?

02/28/200808:31 pmone under godwe have a clear choice to do good things [or to think of excuses to do bad things]... clearly good [truelly good people do the good thing with rightiousness ,they walk thier talk ,revealing thier very devotion to goodness by doing good things... just as clearly there is in this world people who love top do evil things ,[this is clear by the things they do] then we see them explaining how good will come [after i just do a few more bad things].. jesus said by thier deeds will we know if they are serving life or death ,those who serve life hold all life god alone gives to live sacred those serving death [vile evil , veil thier evil under some delusioned cloak of good[but under the veil of good is revealed the vile].. we must judge by peoples deeds [that they do ] not why they are doing it , killing , stealing.. raping murder of the unborn, are all very clearly evil ,. even the killing of an evil person, is inherantly evil [we all ;even the evil are given to live from god himself ,only the truelly evil think they know better than god... evil will allways find a reason to do its evil ,good will only try to serve good ,god is love [live with it]god loves a repentant sinner , who turns from thier evil to do only that clearly and unambigiously to gods good [pre-serving life , not killing it , healing not hurting ,making better for all, not casting blame , and saying only a few more dead and it will be perfect] life is perfect good can only make it better , let ye without sin cast the first stonner ,when its good we know its good[if it feels bad it is bad] ...serve the loving living life giver or the life taker ,man cannot serve two masters-2-10Currently 0.0Currently 0.0012 (0)

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