what is an idea

an idea is a possable answer to an asked question [things are somewhat backwards here ] here it seems asking a question is an idea generally speaking normal people who have no ideas ask questions hoping the answer gives them an idea ,

[either they like the question's reply or they reject the answer , either way where before there was only an unknown [ie a question]they now have something that by adopting or rejecting yet gives them an idea to go and read someones ideas [here]

do not be suprised to find only questions ,that are rightfully only questions searching for your idea yet in replying you arnt credited with giving them an reply [ie an idea]but they are for asking the question you will notice many people repeating the same question [sorry i mean idea]

 but no one has any idea what to reply to the multiple questioners [sorry ideas] so what i have found is to double post my ideas ,so i can keep track of my own ideas, rather than them just disappeareing into the mass of unanswered questions [sorry idea's]

 i will now post this idea [sorry reply] that thankfully has allready evolved into a more simple method pushing send sends the screen grey,

 i log in [despite comming in through my one under god page and my idea [sorry answer] goes into this poster file but i learned after losing 6 other ideas [sorry answers to others questions to cut and paste my idea [sorry answer as my own idea at my own page ]

no doudt when people get more of an idea they will build a collection of thier own ideas [sorry answers] but im getting a head ache now so i will go through the process , and rest till others get more ideas [sorry questions]

 still its something to do [even if by reply i just get lost , because im the one with no idea wish me luck all the best try to save your own replies as your own ideas [it seems strange but it works]

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