What does a disciple look like today

Glad you are curious of this subject because this is an area that truly changes one's life after conversion. I've come to know how wonderful it is to see a soul won to Christ, but it is far more amazing to witness a new believer growing in Christ. In Peter 3:18 Peter give an exhortation to grow in knowledge and grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus, why? because it is a precious asset for the sanctification of the believer.

Disciples are physically following Christ because He is not physically present but the internal drive inside of the believer is living to follow Christs example and in doing so denying self and being sacrificial for the sake of His love to spread and his light to shine in a dark world. A disciple will study the scripture, obey the word, live a holistic life. Desiring to live a life pleasing to God by putting on the love, compassion and the eyes of the Lord. any objections or Amen's?

SpaceX catches Falcon Heavy nosecone with net-outfitted boat

It marks another milestone in SpaceX's long-standing effort to make spaceflight cheaper.

Technology & Innovation
  • SpaceX launched Falcon Heavy into space early Tuesday morning.
  • A part of its nosecone – known as a fairing – descended back to Earth using special parachutes.
  • A net-outfitted boat in the Atlantic Ocean successfully caught the reusable fairing, likely saving the company millions of dollars.
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Are these 100 people killing the planet?

Controversial map names CEOs of 100 companies producing 71 percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions.

Image: Jordan Engel, reused via Decolonial Media License 0.1
Strange Maps
  • Just 100 companies produce 71 percent of the world's greenhouse gases.
  • This map lists their names and locations, and their CEOs.
  • The climate crisis may be too complex for these 100 people to solve, but naming and shaming them is a good start.
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‘Climate apartheid’: Report says the rich could buy out of climate change disaster

The world's richest people could breeze through a climate disaster – for a price.

(Photo by SSPL/Getty Images)
Politics & Current Affairs
  • A new report from a United Nation expert warns that an over-reliance on the private sector to mitigate climate change could cause a "climate apartheid."
  • The report criticizes several countries, including the U.S., for taking "short-sighted steps in the wrong direction."
  • The world's poorest populations are most vulnerable to climate change even though they generally contribute the least to global emissions.
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