What Do You Think About The 11:11 Phenomenon?

There is a little known phenomenon occuring in our world today, known to those who experience it as the 11:11 Phenomenon.  It happens to you if your attention is consistently drawn to these numbers, most often on clocks, but also on receipts, license plates, mobile phones, vcr's, and other various places we see numbers.  At first, it seems coincidental to be looking at the clock right at 11:11, but soon enough these people realize that it is happening too often to be coincidence.  It's almost as if something outside themselves is nudging them to look up at the clock, even when they don't really care what time it is. 

The internet has allow many of these people to share ideas and has created a whole network of different people from all over the world, many of whom have different ideas as to what it means. There are blogs, chats, websites, forums, articles, and much discussion over these experiences.  Many report seeing 11 minutes past any given hour, in the same fashion, sometimes 5 or 6 times a day.

The explanations are as varied as the people who come up with them.  Some 11'ers, as they're called, believe it is a message from angels, others believe it is a pre-encoded DNA trigger in thier cellular memory banks, calling them to "wake-up" to a new reality.  Skeptics have voiced that the phenemenon is entirely psychological, and that these people are  simply encountering an easily recognizable pattern in daily life.  Most, however, remain baffled as to an explanation.  The number 11 itself is steeped in mystery and intrigue throughout history.

What do you think? 

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