What do teachers need from administrators? – Wrap-up

What happens when you ask 7 amazing, thoughtful educators to guest blog on a topic? Unsurprisingly, you get 7 amazing, thoughtful posts and a phenomenal week of conversing, thinking, and learning!

Here are all of the guest posts this past week on the topic of "What do teachers need from administrators?"

  • Brian Crosby
  • Alice Mercer
  • Jose Vilson
  • Bill Ferriter
  • The Frustrated Teacher
  • Adina Sullivan
  • Shelly Blake-Plock
  • Several others were inspired by the series to post on their own blogs:

    • Jeff Silva-Brown
    • Pat Hensley
    • Mr. Knauss
    • If there are others of you whom I missed, please put a link to your post in the comments; we'd love to see it! Thank you Brian, Alice, Jose, Bill, TFT, Adina, and Shelly for an awesome week. Your contributions and insights are very much appreciated.

      Happy reading, everyone. I strongly encourage you to click through at each post and see my guests' other writing. Also, feel free to forward this wrap-up post on to your local school administrators and/or university educational leadership professors; there's lots of good stuff here for them and/or their students!

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