We Must Not Fail! God Bless America.

We Must Not Fail! God bless America!

We Must Not Fail! God bless America! Before Jumping to the main feature of this article, I need to present the grim picture of history of this Congress. Under Bush’s administration, the Congress’ rating is always below of Mr. Bush. In the last year of Mr. Bush’s presidency, Mr. Bush got 19% approving rating, Congress was below 15%.Why? This generation, in the Congress, most of them, are mediocre congressman and congresswoman! The notable past example, 99% of them were fooled around by Bush and Cheney’s mushroom and faked WMD theory. And jump to start the unnecessary and 3 trillion dollar Iraq war (the 3 trillion figure was calculated by Prof. Joseph Stiglitz, A Nobel prize winning economist.) Another present outrage and laughing example was to see this kind of Democratic mediocre Congressmen folly dragged by the foxed-witted former Illinois Governor, Rod Blogojevich.- "NO !"and later "YES! He is our man, Senator Roland Burris!" case. What a low intelligence! The GOP Congressman and Congresswoman are no better, now they are the students of the "I hop Obama fails!", the evil-brain and once druggy, Rush Limbaugh. What are shame! This kind of low rating Congressman, most them are economy illiteracy and who had been failed this country! NOW, NOW! They are planning the future of America and dragging the feet of President Bema’ Stimulus plan in this deeply recession period! I am shivering! You do not has to ask Paul Krugman, 2008 Nobel Prize economist, just see around your neighbors, how many they lost their job and lost their house! Congressman go back to your own state please, especially your own state to see the horrible economic figure!! To tell you truth, the feature is that WE DO NOT HAVE PLAN B, even we pass the colsed 800 billions stimulus plan , there are no guarantee we can get through this recession! If we fail, no matter you are republican, democrat or independent. We are no longer the proud American! Because no one will listen to a failed America!! WE MUST NOT FAIL, WE ALMOST ALL IN AND DO NOT HAVE A PLAN B! God bless America!

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