We Are Team USA Now

We Are Team USA NOW!\r\n\r\nMilton Friedman had done a mistake in Chile with his “wanton market” theory!\r\nWarren Buffett was wrong to encourage public to buy stock too early in NYT. \r\nAlan Greensplan knows noting about COD and CDS until 2005. So he made a lifetime mistake and ruined his name to bring the tsunami recession to America.\r\n\r\nThe above all had been wrong and may be wrong again of their opinions in this recession.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

We Are Team USA NOW! Milton Friedman had done a mistake in Chile with his "wanton market" theory! Warren Buffett was wrong to encourage public to buy stock too early in NYT. Alan Greensplan knows noting about COD and CDS until 2005. So he made a lifetime mistake and ruined his name to bring the tsunami recession to America. NYT, WASHINGTON POST, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, FOX, CBS, CNN, WSJ…YO NAME IT! 99% OF BIG NAME AND SMALL NAME MEDIA WAS OUTWITTED AND OUT PLAYED BY DICK CHENEY AND KARL ROVE’S FAKE WMD THEORY! SHOUTED, "WAR! WAR! WE WANT IRAQ WAR!" Because of their lacking of independent analysis or out of qualification, we, America got the unnecessary war! This brings America to lose totally eight yr in Bush’s administration, they were all wrong in WMD! That is why Jimmy Huntington called this in Bigthink " The Darkest age of Journalism!" Now except Friedman, the above all fall guy or fall media again shout one day: we need to nationalize CITI! We need to nationalize Bank of America! The other day shouted: we need to let one of the bank falls! Their track record is so wrong in critical time! They may be dead wrong again! I think only one Scholar who has an excellent track record and qualification to talk about this recession! He is Paul Krugman! He predicts right about Asian bubble with perspiration labor industry (What! Perspiration? Then, you are not qualified to read my article) and the American foreclosure! However, his specialty is trading and not in microeconomy! He is still worthy to mention here, to get out recession- He said: Prudent is risk, small is danger! I totally agree with Porf. Krugman on his stimulus opinion but bank nationalization (see my bigthink’s articles!) We must need huge and powerful stimulus plan. And we must act quickly! Last but not least, we need solidarity! Under one voice, one USA team tackles the recession. Readers should ignore the unqualified, bad –track- recorded and " I –was- wronged" persons, media’s wayward prediction. We need confidence not these snake- drug salesmen! Because we do not have the luxury to lose another four yr after we lost eight yr in Bush! Finally, may be it is time to restrict the short selling of Bank share in this critical moment of recession!

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