Army Officers Breaking Ranks in Yemen

Army Officers Breaking Ranks in Yemen

As a companion piece to Waq al-waq's ever expanding ever more popular post on the list of resignations in Yemen (many of these guys are apparently on hold with al-Jazeera waiting to add their names to the list) Waq al-waq is now adding a post on the list of officers who, while not resigning, are claiming to support the protesters.

All of these followed Ali Muhsin al-Ahmar's announcement this morning on al-Jazeera, which I wrote about here.

This will likely be up-dated throughout the day.  This is not comprehensive, but rather key leaders.


Ali Muhsin al-Ahmar: commander of 1st Armored Division; Commander of Northwest Military District

Muhammad Ali Muhsin: commander of Eastern Military District

Sayf al-Baqri: Commander of Central District in Sanaa

Hamid al-Qushaybi: Commander of 301st Brigade in Amran

Brigadier General Husayn Zayd Khayran: Commander of Kahlan Base; 1st Artillery Brigade

Brigadier General Thabit Nasir al-Jahwari: 121 Brigade

al-Qadi: Commander of Military Police

Brigadier General Sadiq al-Sarhan: commander of Air Defense in 1st Brigade

Ali Abad Muthna: Republican Guard Commander in Dhammar

Thabit Muthna Jawas: Commander of 15th Mechanized Division

Abdullah Ali 'Aliwa: Adviser to High Commander of Armed Forces

Ali Muhsin Ahmad al-Shabaybi: Commander of 26th Brigade of Republican Guard

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