Al-Sharq al-Awsat, Yemen's newest daily

I'm still trying to figure out al-Hayat's newly reconfigured website and find where al-Ghad went to on the super-web, but in the meantime al-Sharq al-Awsat does us all a favor and becomes a Yemeni daily for a day.

First is this brief on the al-Wahayshi tape (which also found its way into English). There is also this column on al-Qaeda's media incompetence, (it is also in English on the mirror site) which I must say what looks like incompetence to the wider world actually looks pretty good in Yemen.

There is also a report on the goings on in Aden, and an interview with Muhammad al-'Aydrus, from the GPC.

But the biggest coup for the paper is Arafat Madabish's interview with Tariq al-Fadhli. For those of you "intellectuals" wondering why he joined the Southern Movement, well, there is no need to wonder he didn't "join" he has always been a member.

Those with interest in the strange interplay of forces in the south, which come to think of it should really be everyone reading this blog (unless of course you stumbled on Waq al-waq through the next blog button, it is unlikely anyone accidentally typed in our address) should read the interview.

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