Wake Up Americans! We Are in Three Wars!

Wake up Americans! We Are in Three WARS!

Wake up Americans! We Are in Three WARS! I would like to quote BT write Jimmy Huntington’s statement as introduction in this article: I love my country so I write, the best is in Bigthink, and so, I write here! One war in Iraq, another war in Afghanistan! NOW America has the biggest war - the recession going to depression (IMF Chief Dominique STRAUSS-KAHN said, we were already in depression) war! In Afghanistan war, the situation is deteriorating, we may lose it. In Iraq, no need to ask a General. The situation is going better, we are not winning yet. Even Iraq has an election and in a distant future, it may have an open or democratic political system. However, there is no guarantee Iraq will be our ally in Mid-east in the future. After America spend 3 trillion dollar in Iraq. History will tell the biggest winner is Iran. Even we may win in Iraq and Afghanistan (the possibility is slim!), if we lost the economic recession war in America. America surely will lose more than decades, worst than Japan! Why? Japan loses in decade in economy; it still has one the biggest US dollars bond as its reserve! We, America have nothing as our reserve to back up our currency and I–O-U bond debt. The only reserve is our mighty military power. It is military power to back up our currency and the issued-I-O-U bond owed by China, Japan, and Russia etc. And do not forget, we have more than 10 trillion dollar deficit! Needless some one can tell, "The king is no cloth!" We are really no cloth! Wake up! American! Now all we need is Unity! Unite we survive; divide we fail, and we may fall hard in this recession! First of all, we have to do is to shut out all no constructive and biased media and pundits, Like Rush Limburg, NSNBC’S Morning Joe and Fox’s Hannity. Let them have one or more year’s no-pay leave! In recession, the less we need here is the divisive, patrician Congress, media and viagra-injected -big -mouth pundits! To fend off the biggest war ever in America! We need an America team now!

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