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Who's in the Video
Ziggy Marley is a four-time Grammy Award-winning musician, philanthropist, and founder of the independent record label, Tuff Gong Worldwide. Known for his international work with children, Ziggy is the founder[…]

Ziggy Marley sends a shout out to his mother, the musician Rita Marley.

Question: What is your mother like?


Ziggy Marley: Yeah, mom. Well, she’s the main force behind who I am, because obviously, it’s the mother that really raise the child are the mother that directs the reason on the children. And from a young age, although she went on tour with my father a lot, she left us with her aunt, who was very disciplined.

So she knew that we will get a good upbringing when she wasn’t around. But she’s a very strong woman and very, very caring about other people. And so, she does all these couple of things in Jamaica and Africa, everywhere she go. She do all this charity work for the kids. And she isn’t afraid to scrounge and stuff. If there’s, like, some tables or some clothes that people don’t want, she’d packed them and send it to Africa. She’s very down to earth. She’s from that place. So she really work hard to help people.


Question: What do you want to tell your mom on Mother’s Day?


Ziggy Marley: What am I going to tell mommy? Know it is love. I love my mother. That’s the greatest thing I can say.


Recorded: May 7, 2009.