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Who's in the Video
Arlen Specter was a United States Senator for Pennsylvania who served as the Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and a senior member of the Appropriations and Veterans Affairs[…]

Specter feels that America always corrects itself after a stumble.

Arlen Specter: Well we respond to threats of the moment. In World War II we interned the Japanese – a very distasteful chapter in American history which we have since acknowledged and moved to correct. Nine-eleven shocked the country . . . obviously shocked the world too with thousands dying. And we’ve respond with a variety of measures such as worthless wiretaps in violation of the legislation in Congress. And then the periods cool, and we have reflections on it. And the matters are weighed by the Congress or weighed more by the courts, and we get it right. We correct the injustices of the past.

Recorded on: 7/4/2007 at The Aspen Ideas Festival