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Peter G. Peterson was an American entrepreneur, investment banker and politician. He served as United States Secretary of Commerce during the Nixon administration and was Chairman of the Council on[…]

Sharing your life makes it a good life.

I think a good life is one where you do put a fair amount of your time in making your community, and your country, and the people in it just a little bit better than they otherwise would have been. They’re sharing some of your good fortune. But the reason I’ve had such dumb luck in life and not taking yourself too seriously, I think it’s very important to appreciate that those of us who have risen to whatever levels I’ve risen to . . . It can be very easy to arrive at the comfortable conclusion that the reason I got here is that I am brilliant, and I am innovative, and I am a terrific builder and I’m this, that and the other thing. It’s a little harder to say, “You know, it’s some damn good luck I had somewhere along the line.” If some other people had had it, they may have done a lot better than they had done. So I think a good life has a lot to do with sharing what you have with the society at large. Recorded On: 7/26/07