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Who's in the Video
Tom Otterness is an American sculptor whose permanent installation, "Life Underground," is located in the 14th St/8th Avenue subway station in New York City. His work, usually cartoonish and cheerful[…]

Tom Otterness cites film as a big part of his artistic engagement.

Question: How does technology play into your work?

Tom Otterness: Well, I’ve done some computer animation. I understand how that works. Making it work economically, I haven’t found the way for that yet, so but I watch. I go to those movies. I consider that research. [I’m going] to “Wall-E” or something, you know. So, yeah, I think that’s fascinating, I think that’s the world. Somehow the movies are kind of a dream world for us and I think that’s our sort of shared unconscious is found in the movies, you know, so I keep an eye on it.