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Noted editor Bonnie Fuller has launched Bonnie Fuller Media to meet the evolving needs of her longtime loyal following. Twice named Advertising Age's "Editor of the Year," she's been responsible[…]

Voters should focus on the issues, Fuller says.

Question: Should women support Hillary because she’s a woman

Fuller: No. I think that when people look at who . . . and when women look at who they’re going to vote for this election, they’re going to be looking at each candidate’s policies; and their . . . you know and their backgrounds; and they are going to make their judgments. And the fact that she’s a woman may be important to some women, but I’m not sure that just the fact that she’s a woman . . . like I don’t know that they would vote for any woman just because she’s a woman. I think they’re going to give Hillary fair consideration, just like hopefully they’re going to give all candidates fair consideration. Recorded On: 1/30/08