Master the skills of negotiating in everyday life

Learn how to negotiate like a shark. Here are Shark Tank investor Daymond John's tips for powerful communication.

DAYMOND JOHN: I want people to take away from Powershift that there's various different ways that they can apply negotiation to their life. And I'm not necessarily talking about always this huge deal; it could be just getting your remote control away from your significant other or trying to talk to your boss about getting more vacation time or whatever it is.

Listen, there are simple things you can learn from. Car salesmen are the best, especially used car salesmen. They know that people like to talk in various different ways. They communicate in sight, sound, feel, taste and smell. So when you walk into a car dealership, when somebody sees you and there's a nice red, beautiful car right there, it's the convertible, if you're talking and they see you picking up things and you're always talking about vision, they go, 'Can you see yourself in this beautiful car driving down a winding road with all the leaves falling?' If you're talking about smell, the way you're communicating, they go, 'Can you see yourself in this car with the rich leather and you can smell the rich leather? And it's fall in New York and the leaves are falling.' If you're talking about feel, they go 'Can you see yourself driving down this road and the engine, you're shifting gears, vroom, vroom, and the power and the rumble in that engine?' If you're talking about sound, think about driving down and the wind blowing through your hair and those Bose speakers with the amazing music.

You can do that just by seeing how people communicate on social media. When they talk and one of those types of ways of communication you can see what relates to them better.

Also, body language. Over 65 percent of communication is body language. Only seven percent is what you say. The other is how you say it. When you're at a table communicating with somebody and you notice them putting a lot of obstacles in front of you to gather space and push you away. Or are they lifting their hair over their ears when they're writing because they're more interested in what you're saying.

People most likely don't think you're lying when you touch them so are you shaking their hand when you're saying 'I can't wait to follow up further and I really hope you and your family all the best'?

These are simple tips that you can learn and shift power over to yourself. And I don't want you to do it in a bad way. I want you to empower others but there are simple ways to communicate and that's what's in Powershift.

  • You're negotiating every day of your life, whether it's a huge business deal or something as small as getting the remote control from your partner, says Shark Tank investor Daymond John.
  • Over 65 percent of communication is body language. Only seven percent is what you say. Using body language effectively is a simple way to shift power to your court during negotiations or strategically shift power over to others.
  • Used-car salespeople have this down to a fine art, says John. They are the best because they listen to clues in the way potential customers talk and then they engage your senses: sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste.

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