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Nadine Strossen is the John Marshall Harlan II Professor of Law at New York Law School. From 1991 through 2008, she served as President of the American Civil Liberties Union,[…]

First of all, Strossen says, the government shouldn’t violate individual rights.

Nadine Strossen: First of all, the government should not violate individual rights itself and that includes so the government should not presume that people are…the government should not invade people's privacy unless there is a specific basis for suspecting that that particular individual has committed a crime or is about to engage in a crime and even if the government has basis, individualized suspicion about a person, it still has to go, that is the executive branch of government still has to go before a judge to get a warrant, so you have got the checks and balances, the kind of procedural protection as well as the substantive protection and that deals with a whole lot of issues post 09/11, where the presumptions have been turned on their head. We are all suspects. We are subject to random mass, dragnet surveillance without any judicial review.


Recorded On: 2/14/08