Julia Allison on Harnessing Technology to Get Rich

Julia Allison: I was at Harvard yesterday looking at Harvard Business School, and quite a few people there had read about me, or read my blog, and they said, “Why are you considering this school?”

I said, well, my profession is based upon presentation and perception, and I believe that I have what it takes to create a successful company right now. I would love to know some underlying skills. I would love to learn those, but more than anything, it’s a fuck you credential. And I do want to make fuck you money. And I do. I say that because I think there is a general trend, and this is not something that is even remotely new that I’m bringing out, but people aren’t really talking about it right now.

Young women entrepreneurs do not exist. They don’t exist.

Young men start companies all the time. Young women don’t. Why is this? I would love to start addressing that.

I would love it to be a topic of conversation. It’s not even a topic of conversation.

Why is it that half of US small businesses are run by women, but practically none of them are in their 20s? All of them have kids in the school. Why is this? I’m guessing it’s biology.

I think that one of the ways to garner respect in this industry, unfortunately, one of the only ways is, to basically, make a ton of money. My goal is to sell Non-Society society within three to five years. I pushed it up to five because of the economy.


Recorded Dec 09, 2008.


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Internet personality Julia Allison talks about how she's going to make money with her company, NonSociety.